Friday, June 23, 2006

Some finished things

I finished the color blox sox for Six Sox Knit-a-long. My first toe-ups :-) And the end was probably my first multidirectional knitting LOL There's a nice spiral going on and it all ends up in garter stitch brim, which is knitted... er... I really don't know the words LOL well, in different direction :-)

The other pair of paws belong to our dog, Boris :-) Much prettier :-) But I'm almost as white LOL

The yarns used are machine knitting yarn, 1-ply, four folded; the bluish-greenish is Mountain Colors in "Evergreen" colorway, and the yellow and golden brown are the same Norwegian sock yarn I made the pink and white 6th sense socks for Six Sox. I dyed the white yellow with food coloring. It's variegated, but that doesn't show too well in the picture. Here's some cat toys I crocheted with the same yarn, where the yarn shows better.

I also made the Rabbit Tracks scarf. It's easy and pretty pattern and I knitted it of the 1-ply machine knitting yarn, but OH MY! HOW BOOOOORIIIIING!!!!! I have to say that I think it looks more like cat paw marks :-)

And here's something to my swap pals :-) If you can, PLEASE, get me the corset pattern LOL
I love almost all of Annie Modesitt patterns... The "Butter and Jam" cardigan is on my "want to do" list

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