Thursday, June 22, 2006

Magic yarn ball

This is my magical yarn ball :-) I didn't find much information about the receiver, so I just guessed. I wanted to make a themed ball, and I chose Autumn, as she had a picture of herself on her blog and it looked like she might well appreciate this.

It all starts with a lovely handmade soap with strong lavender scent - I packaged the soap in clear, thick foil, so I hope the scent will be limited to the soap... it doesn't smell bad, but most people don't want their stuff to smell too strong.

Then there's a handmade maple-leaf measuring tape and a handmade needlebook - I painted the felt myself. I think it turned out really nicely :-)
Then there's 6 handmade autumn leaf knit markers, a sheep key ring and two bags of tea; English Breakfast - perfect color - and Oriental Green Tea. I hope she likes tea.
And to finish the ball off, there's a pretty orange butterfly, made of feathers. I do hope it survives the long trip to its destiny... it's very fragile.

I think my "ball" looks nice :-)

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