Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I have received my first swap package :-)

This is what I received from Feline Flipflop from Esther :-)
The colors don't show well, what seems to be light blue fabric under the ribbon and bookmark is actually light purple fabric, very soft and light and absolutely perfect for a scarf. I'm going to hem it and add small heart charms in the corners and give it to my big sister as a gift :-)
The furry string with tags is a package of trimming, and I got a great idea of making the tags into kitty dolls :-D
The cat brass pearls are going to be earrings to me :-)
I love the bookmark, I read a lot and I love red cats best :-) There's a new Whiskas ad in Swedish television, I don't know if it's international, but there's this huge red maine coon or Norwegian forest cat, who's sleeping, except when he hears the can opening in the kitchen... I am in love with that cat :-D

Esther was very clever and said that the ball was a "chew toy to the feline friend" LOL I didn't connect at that time - cat's don't have chew toys LOL And as far as I know I'm the only one in the swap with a canine feline friend. He loves his new toy anyway, he was sitting by the table when I took the picture, and tried to snatch HIS toy a couple of times... after all, it was HIS, and from HIS point of view, it was I who had snatched it in the first place LOL

She also send a very pretty cat necklace with a silver cat hanging in yellow ribbon, and it's really pretty :-) She said that I can do what ever I wish with it, but I am perfectly happy with it as it is :-)
In this picture I'm wearing the trimming as a necklace too, it would have been a great one for that purpose too :-) Goes well with the purple top and the silver cat :-)
I'm still having some fever in this picture... I really am not happy about how I look... I hate the fact that my hair is completely flat. My mother keeps telling me how thin my hair is... well... her fault. I was born with it ;-) Actually, it's the same kind of hair as my father has. But she chose him. :-D And I hate the black bags under my eyes - also inherited from my father. Like the vampire teeth and thick cheeks and the chin... and the nose and eyebrows. Frankly, I think I look like a maniac in this picture. LOL
(Actually, I think my father is very handsome, and I'm not too bad looking myself either. ;-))

I have send two packages, and third is waiting to be packed and mailed. It should have gone today, but that is not going to happen. I'm a week late from my schedual, because of getting sick. I CAN'T WAIT to find out what the receivers think about their packages!!! They should have arrived already, and I forgot to ask for a receit, so I can't even track the packages! Another mistake I won't do again... So, PLEASE GOD let the packages arrive NOW and let me find out that they have arrived!

(Edited on Thursday 8 P.M. CET
The coloriffic package has arrived to Portugal, and the receiver was happy with it... PHEEEEW!!! Thank you, God! :-))

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