Friday, January 25, 2008

And I thought it would be a calm day...

My hubby probably stepped a little harder on dog's paw that he thought he did... or then he hurt his paw while walking with me. Anyway, the dog was whining and walking on three legs. We had to take him to vet to see if there was something seriously wrong with the paw. Our ordinary vet didn't have any times, so they adviced we'd call for the big animal hospitals with ER. The problem is that while a normal vet fee is about 300 cronas, emergency visit is 1600... and we are poor. We called about every vet we could find in the telephone catalogue - as this happened about 11 A.M. No-one has time for us... finally we found an elderly gentleman who's keeping a vet's office in his home and apparently helps people only every now and then. He could take us in, and when we got there, the dog was a bit careful with the paw, but didn't whine much and the vet couldn't find anything wrong with the paw. 700 cronas poorer (we took taxi, so that the dog wouldn't need to walk...) we are home and the dog seems to get better and better... My husband said "700 cronas for nothing" and I corrected him "700 cronas for peace of mind, darling." He was ready to put the dog down, because we are bad dog owners, because we can't afford to take him to vet if something like this happens and it's serious... We planned on having some money put away for vet fees in case of serious accidents, but somehow we haven't managed to put away any money... Now we have decided to do so before we get hubby new glasses (desperately needed), me a visit at dentist's (not as desperately needed, but still needed) and a washing machine (desperately needed too...)

And I thought it would be a calm day of surfing and collecting ideas and getting inspired... HA!

Nevertheless, join Sokker 2008 - not "officially", as the sock-a-long is full, but you can follow at the sidelines :-) They are very generous with sharing the links to patterns and so :-)
(Here's "stitch 2008" a new embroidery picture for every month.)

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2paw said...

It is such a worry, isn't it? I am much less of a panicker now I have Dog #4!! My Vets are lovely. Once they even listened to Harki's stomach over the phone before I took her in: it was rumbling!!! I am glad everything is OK in the end.