Monday, January 28, 2008


Now I have done my Clapotis and my "altered book". It's time to battle the next item on my looooooooooooooooooong list of things to do. Socks.

Among others there's the Pomatomus... I like Cookie's other socks too; Hedera, Baudelaire, Red Herring, Queen of Cups and Monkey. I really wish I had money to buy her non-free patterns as well. :-( Nevertheless, it shouldn't stop me from knitting the free patterns.

BTW Cookie has a site and blog now, with some free patterns - some vintage lace etc.

Do you remember when I tried to design socks? It all crashed on the peacock socks from hell. I still haven't finished them, and when the computer crashed, it ate the part of the pattern that existed... So I'm going to ravel the damned socks and knit Pomatomuses instead.

See you tomorrow :-)

I know now why I have such problems with doing things with no obvious use, doing things just to do things, create for the urge to create... It's because I am poor and have always been poor. Wasting materials to make something that can't be used is a sin. Wasting your time to do things that can't be used is a sin. Wasting your skills to such garbage is a sin.

Also, it explains why I'm such a yarn snob. Natural fibers give more value to the money. Wool will keep you warm, even if it's itchy. The softest and cuddliest acrylic doesn't keep you warm. Also, wool will keep you warm even when it's wet. Acrylic doesn't. You can wash cotton without needing to care much about how you do it, but with synthethic fibers you need to be careful. Doing things of synthethic fibers is waste of time and skills, therefore a sin. It doesn't matter that they have come a long way since 80's with the synthethic fibers. My mind is still back there, when acrylic was clearly plastic and wasting is sin when you are poor...

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