Sunday, January 27, 2008


I think I look kind of dorky in photos, but... it's not easy to take a photo of yourself LOL
Anyway, evidence of that I have actually done Clapotis scarf and cap and I dare to wear the product of my own hands outside :-) And the day was amazing! Look at the sky! It is seldom this blue!

And then the "altered book" project. I can't alter a book. I can't even go and buy a book with the intention to alter it, and then alter it... So I'm really happy I can actually bind books.
This is not "professional" work, I just glued it together. But that was a HUGE step for me - usually I don't "just" anything. To my surprise I'm quite pleased with my work :-D
If you want to see the pages closer, go to my Flickr account. Here's a link to the cover.

I regret putting the stamps in the last three pages... It would have been better without. (Not that it's bad now either, but...) So next time I'm going to take photos of it while doing and look at the pages in this size and all side by side - one can see the whole much better :-)
I think I'm going to change some things too, after a couple of weeks without looking at this every day. I can take out the stamps and replace them with something, or paint on them.
I can also sand down some details and redo them :-D That's wonderful with altered books LOL It's quite ok to do ;-)

This is unusual for me also in that I have used a lot more colors than usually.

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2paw said...

Yes, it is very hard to take photos of yourself, but the hat and Clapotis look fabulous!!