Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two weeks to Imbolc

Make some snowflakes to decorate the rooms
How About Orange has a very nice 3D snowflake
These ornaments would do nicely with them...
Then there are the famous toilet tissue roll snowflake ornaments. ;-)
Of course some quilling :-)

Paper snowflake chandelier
Well... I made long strings of different paper snowflakes - it really was more like Apartment Therapy's snowflake garland but the point is not to make it look posh and professional and tidy, but to do it.
Here's a bit more inspiration on what to do with paper snowflakes

Here's a snowflake banner, not made of paper but felt. It would look nice to make banners like this, with different words on it and just plain snowflakes... and hang them on the ceiling with paper lanterns and stuff... *hmm* And you can hang yarn angels there too...

Make a chibi yeti too :-D Really cute and fits Imbolc theme :-)

You can make a white paper tree forest, and decorate the trees with heart shaped christmas ornaments... and about anything that makes you think of "Winter Wonderland" and Valentine's day.
(You can also use the tree templates from Little Hut)
You could make a forest of snow... well... not necessarily globes, but snow jars and bottles. :-)
snow globe 1 - snow globe 2 - snow globe 3 - snow globe 4 - snow globe 5 - snow globe 6 - snow globe video
You could use votive candle holders, goldfish bowls, glasses with broken foot and DIY glass ball ornaments.
Don't forget to decorate the "foot" too.

And if you don't want to make snow shakers, you can just fill pretty jars with fake snow and thingies, that will look nice too :-)

Or make hanging ornaments like these

Lovely Valentine's "paper toys" - boxes, cards, ornaments...


BTW, Ever wondered what to do with old plastic bags?

Ideas from Craftzine
for example:
- you can cut them into strips and use as yarn - crochet a new bag, knit a rug, what ever
- you can fuse them together into thicker "fabric", you can make into shopping bag, raincoat or what ever. (There's at least one person who salvaged plastic bags from garbage and made herself a pretty nice raincoat...)

Here's 10 smart uses for old plastic bags

ADDED 4/2-08

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