Wednesday, January 16, 2008

brag book, boasting book

"So, just what is a brag book? Well, it’s a record of accomplishment in your life."

How to make a container brag book
CraftTVWeekly maze book

Brag book was originally a sort of an illustrated resume to help you in job search... but the thing is that we are so bashed by jante law, that it would be a good idea to brag a little about who you are - with no other intention than to acknowledge your own good sides, embrace the unique good things of being you :-)

Boasting book is a photo album parents and grand-parents show about a new baby, but the same thing here. YOU were just as much a miracle when you were born, and the fact that you have survived this far is yet another miracle... so what about boasting a little about you yourself.

Really, if you feel too self-conscious about showing other people that you actually LIKE yourself, you don't need to. But you NEED to show to yourself that you ARE a person to like, to brag and boast about.

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