Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Patenting techniques

I'm really upset right now... Arts and Crafts Law gave me a really horrifying New Year's present...

Some people actually go and take a patent on ARTS/CRAFTS TECHNIQUES!!!

I doubt there's one genuinely new technique within crafts. Someone somewhere has already done everything there is to be done. Crafting people are creative people, and there's no such thing as "let's do as it has always been done". Sooner or later the creative people takes ordinary tools and use them in a fashion they weren't meant to be used.

I have used basically everything I find around me to put paint on paper. From paintbrushes to old rags, to my own hair and fingers, from pine twig to paper scraps, from anything with bristles to anything pointy...
I have tried using anything with any form as stamps, from actual rubber stamps to coins and tins.
I have tried using anything one can paint on as my "canvas".
I have tried using anything with any color as my "paint". Even flower petals and dirt.
I doubt there is a technique that is genuinely new and untried in the world - if not by me, then by someone else, and I'm 100% sure we are not just one or two. We are hundreds.

Now, if hundreds of people have used the technique, how could one of them even THINK of claiming it as her own?

I think it's egotistical, greedy and arrogant - egotistical to rob the technique from all the others in the world, greedy to take something like that and try to make money out of it, arrogant to believe one is so unique and intelligent one can invent a whole new technique the world hasn't seen before. Simply disgusting! I find those people so petty, small-minded, quibbly, nasty...

Be real now... ordinary painting - transfering oil paint from a tube one can buy from any store on a totally ordinary canvas - is what can be called common/public domain technique. You can't find two people who paint the same original artwork. Why would ANY technique be any different? Your artwork is not HOW you do it but WHAT you do. Your uniqueness, your artistry, your genius lies in the works, not in your techniques!

Now people are afraid to TEACH crafts because they don't know which techniques are "public domain" and which not. People are afraid to CREATE ART because they can't ever be sure if there's some greedy bastard somewhere who's going to demand the artwork be destroyed because one used that bastards "patented technique". Or patented knitting stitch, patented sequence of beads, patented color combination, patented forms, patented... AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHH!!!

This really makes me mad! Mad, hurt and upset.

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