Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catch of the day :-)

I started my Clapotis - it's going to be a long scarf, not a shawl-like scarf, as the original. It's also going to be of single color. I don't have any variegated yarn, and as I have a "room" (walk-in closet) full of yarn, I want to use that first before I buy any new yarn.
I'm going to crochet some flowers and leaves to decorate it further :-)

I also made the album for my "altered book". It's not strictly speaking an altered book, as there's no "real" book which is going to be altered.
It's a maze book made of a shopping bag. I think all the wrinkles and ripped edges are going to be just fine for the mermaid theme.
I glued it yesterday and it has been drying under weight all night. Now I'm going to do the next step :-)

I also took the next step (and a couple more) on some other projects from my Blog - from wishful dreams to real deal:

Subversive "Happy Bunny" pillows are on paper - I know which bunnies to make, how to make them and how the finished pillows are going to look like :-)
Clapotis scarf is going to get company with the Clapotis cap.
I also printed out the pattern to "Maiden's Glory".
I have sketched some primitive kitty angels.
I have drawn down the cutting plan for paper pieced cat quilt.

Now I'll go and do it :-)

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2paw said...

What absolutely gorgeous green wool!! I love the colour: I made a scarf Clap as well. The flowers and the cap sound like very nice additions!!