Sunday, January 27, 2008

Knitting scouts

I found this: Cast On; Knitting Scouts

I am a passionate badge collector. If I had been a scout, I would have collected all the available badges and probably deserved several non-available, even non-existing badges...

I am not especially fond of alcohol, but I'm not against it.

I don't think there are "right ways of doing things" in many areas, if any.

I think I am presenting knitters (at least one of them - me) in accurate light with my blog - if it is positive, that's a whole new can of worms... I think it's positive :-D I also knit in public and I knit well :-D

I think I have honestly deserved:

1) The MacGyver badges of first and second degree:

I have used skewers as both double pointed sock needles and long needles - I didn't have any needles and I desperately wanted to knit, so I took what we had and used them.
I have used pens as needles and toothpicks as help needles (and as stitch markers too).
I have also used safety pins, paper clips and earrings as stitch markers.
So I think I deserve the badge of 1st degree - using tools not made specificly for knitting for knitting.

I constantly use knitting needles as glue sticks, pokers to see if a cake is done and for other such uses. I use them as paper craft tools. Very good for poking holes into paper and... what's-it's-called... don't know. Don't care right now either.
I also use them as hair pins and currently we are using one dpn as "lock" for our bottle/can storage bag.
Yarn, especially cotton yarn, is used all the time in stead of household twine, so that I don't even count as worthy badge II.

So far I haven't saved the world or someone's life with my knitting tools, so badge III has to wait ROTFLMAO

2) The math badges I and II:
Because I have no problems with math, and I have to say, I have used higher maths in my designs *blush* Yes, I used Fibonacci sequences in my Yule stockings... *blush*


3) The unnecessary, impractical, useless, weird thingies badge :-D:
Because of the shells bookmark... IN THEORY it is usable as a bookmark, but it's so hideous and huge I doubt any healthy person would do so...

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