Saturday, January 19, 2008

Party glasses

Chiasso offered this set of shot glasses, shaker and tray. It's no longer available, unfortunately... but the idea is simple: metal sheet as a tray, magnets on the bottom of glasses and shaker, and you get glasses that won't fall from the tray.

I don't drink shots, and we don't have parties where such a thing would be needed... but we do have family gatherings where champagne is served... and I think this might be a good idea for such.

You go and find plastic glasses. They are now-a-days so much better quality than 20 years ago! Come in several lovely colors.
You cut off their legs and make a new one of polymer clay that hardens by boiling.
Make a place for the magnet and when the clay is hardened, glue on the magnet.
Get a metal tray. Now you have your own handmade and self-designed tipsy serving set :-)

The best thing with this is - I think - that all the glasses will be different and you can have as many as you need! My family would need about 20 (as you remember from the Yule stockings ;-)) and a couple more for cousins :-)

Now, have I stolen someone's patented idea? If so, let them contact me and I will change this entry. And murmur and complain to everyone about the pettiness of some people. Might perhaps leave the magnets out of my glasses, after all, that's not the idea I am having. I'm talking about making individual and unique party glasses out of plastic glasses and clay.

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