Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 2

I'm rather proud of myself... not only did I knit half a meter of Clapotis and colored the book, I was working 2 1/2 hours with ceramics; glazed my two dogs and made a new tea cup for my hubby. :-)
Pictures will follow.

I have wanted my own Gog and Magog - that's pair of Staffordshire Spaniels - since I read about them in one of the Anne of Green Gables books. Now we even have our own real-life Springer Spaniel!
So I made myself a pair LOL Just wait and see :-)

Tomorrow I'm going to have a mammography and I don't like it at all... *sigh* The pulling-and-squishing of breasts is ok, I mean, has to be endured, and I rather take that than gynecological examination, but the nearest hospital with equipment and know-how to do mammography is an hour away, and I need to take two busses and one train to get there... THAT I do not like one bit. Also, it's so early in the morning that the buses and trains are going to be full with people so it's unlikely I'm going to be able to knit. :-(

I started a new blog. "Nordic Craft Blogs". It's supposed to be like Craftzine blog ;-) I just have to find the creative Nordic people with blogs... ;-)

BTW; I have found two uses for the fused plastic bag fabric... Apron for ceramics and "pimp my cupboard" material... I don't know how it is yet, but if it is as I think it is, it will be perfect bags for recycling things and perfect material to cover the "floor" with :-)

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