Monday, September 08, 2008

Doily and robin

I have been crocheting this doily for three months now... One round every now and then. It is Patricia Kristoffersen's Pineapple Song, and it's full of "weird" stitches - popcorns, stitches reaching a couple of rows below... it's very structured, and I think that's what's special for Patricia Kristoffersen. The doily is really pretty :-)

And this little fellow... I planned on doing it for Yule, but Boris (the dog) decided otherwise... he got himself a new toy. He loves teddies and toys. He doesn't destroy them, he just carries them around in his mouth. He is 4 1/2 and has a tiger he has had all his life, and that tiger is well loved... He has licked the tiger's fur off in certain places, and every now and then a limb falls off, but I'll just sew it on place - the dog sitting by me and WATCHING very carefully what I do.
He's really nice dog, he doesn't try to take his toy from my hands before I say it's ok, but his facial expression is like on a little boy; "Mommy, tiger's hand fell off! Can you fix it? Does it hurt Tiger?"

P.S: Now I have finished two things I have been doing for a longer time - the PK doily and the two socks in one... may I start the cardigan now?

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