Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm sad today... once again...

I started knitting Firestarter socks a day before yesterday. Today I frogged them, because the yarns didn't match as well as I'd hoped. *sigh*
I have ideas - one of the themes for September was Morning Glory - it's a flower, apparently September's flower, pretty. There's some free Morning Glory patterns online, and I had an idea of how to turn those into socks. I knitted the socks for several hours, realized it's not going to work and ripped them too.
I'm really sad that my ideas don't work. I'd need very much an idea that does work, to pick me up. Right now I'm really sad about the fact that I'm poor and cannot buy everything I'd like to and that my hand is so loose that even with 2 mm needles and laceweight yarn I can't make socks with 64 stitches. *sigh*
And I'm also sad that I'm fat and sick, and life is heavy.
I think I'll start a lace shawl that doesn't require any gauge... with lace shawls the looser the hand the bigger and airier the shawl :-D

But - print&pattern is inspiring and Sarah Young is wonderful.

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