Saturday, September 27, 2008

I should be...

I have noticed there's a lot of "I should" in my posts... I would, should, could, but I don't. That bothers me.

Never mind. Today's free patterns are from pieKnits :-) Make your little angels some wings for Yule - it's only 3 months away. Or perhaps black wings and cute skull wristlets to match. The patterns that are not free are quite reasonable in price and you can buy them via Paypal.

I have started my next pair of socks. Firestarter... I'm not quite sure, but... it was the recommended pattern for Trifty Knitters Sock Club, so I'm knitting it. Henric will like them anyway. I'll finish off the ugly orange yarn and if it's not enough, I'll continue with Drops' Fabel 543 - the red orange mix. Yikes...

Now I'll go and buy some milk so I'll get my morning tea... it's already 11 and I have been doing all kinds of things to avoid going to the grocery store... *sigh*

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