Friday, September 05, 2008

More on what to do with doilies

Stephani Martinez' lace installation

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Scrumdillydilly has a tutorial on dilly doily bag

Pictures from Suuri Käsityölehti 3/2005
- use lace scraps to decorate your t-shirt, make pockets out of doilies, or use a doily as a "picture" in your shirt
(Themachinestops uses dyed doilies to decorate simple dresses and stuff... very pretty.)
Decorate pillows with doilies, (here a very classy version) make a bag out of a square doily by lining it, make a hanging flower pot basket out of a doily, make a lamp shade or a lacy tablecloth with doily intarsia.

I saw a rather interesting Russian crochet top, using 2 large doilies as the pattern for the hem - the top had been crocheted up from the doily to cover the torso.
Make a bohemian skirt by sewing doilies together into fabric.
Use doily as a pretty lace "undershirt"
More applications
Very pretty ruffly doily scarf

A round doily becomes a very pretty round handbag.
Sew two little doilies together and line with pretty silk, and you have a lacy purse.
You can also make a little reticule the same way as the hanging flower pot basket...
You can also use the doily as the bottom of a net bag.

The Magnolia Project
Doily art
Doilies as snowflakes as Christmas decoration

There's nothing to stop you from starching the doilies hard and use them as paper doilies.
You could also make most of these hats with the help of starched doilies.

What about hanging them on a line as a lacy bohemian café curtain? These doily and lace lampshades would fit the style :-) And what about a tablecloth like this?

Sofa decorated with doilies
- actually, patched with doilies, but the idea is nice :-D (A little bit the same idea here or here, using paperdoilies)
You could sew the doilies together and make a fitted armchair cover. You can cover a simple stool easily with a doily.

Here's a lace sun chair and a little lace table... I wonder if one can starch a thread doily this hard? You can always make it with clear acrylic resin...
I'm planning on making a doily cake stand...

You can use doilies as painting aid, or as help to decorate cakes or as stamps for your pottery.

Two antique beaded holders (for what?) and a beaded tablemat
- insert the doily on felt and get a pretty tablemat.

You know, it's no shame to cut these pretties up and take only what you want... cut them, paint them, dye them, make jewelry out of them, use them in scrap booking, collages, art journaling... the options are endless :-) Only your imagination sets limits...

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