Monday, September 22, 2008

Ok, what is happening...

Firstly, I'm sick. :-( Again. Autumn has come and flu season. *sigh* So I sleep most of the time. But when I don't sleep - and one cannot do that all the time, unfortunately - I keep doing things.

I made a net bag, and it looks very nice - filled with yarn ;-) - so I'm knitting more of those.

I started doing the Asphyxiation choker, but my neck is like 5 cm high and 40 cm around, regular bulldog neck, not a swan neck, so chokers look more like dog collars than lacy feminine decorations... So I scrapped the project. *sigh* I was planning on having the pretty collar, nice fingerless gloves and a black lace fan. But - collar doesn't suit me, I can't find a pattern for gloves and I suppose there must be something wrong with the fan plan too... *sigh*

Couple of days ago I finished another Yule present, so I won't be posting it here :-)

Alicia Keys' No One is one of the most meaningless, whiny and boring songs ever made. You don't even need to listen to it, just look at the video, mute, and you'll get it... She looks like she's in desperate need of a toilet... *sigh*

Here's today's free patterns; ME did it!.
Ok... here's more. Winter Gifts For Ladies 1848 "Containing the Newest and Most Fashionable Patterns"
Naughty Needles - yes, naughty. So not for children.
Lacy knitting - hats and mittens/gloves

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