Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Lovely 2paw left a comment in my blog yesterday and I paid back the visit - and found Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark embroidery-a-long :-) (BOM = Block Of the Month). I LOVE projects like this... and the bunny square is absolutely lovely :-D

In the picture - my binder with all the hundreds of free sock patterns I have collected from on-line and from different sock groups, KALs and so on; the socks - the yarn is more pink - and the sock journal :-) I whipped that up yesterday evening. So far it is adequate :-D But see how small it is :-)

I think today I'm going to sew some project bags... I'm going to need zippers, the see-through plastic I already have... *hmm*


Knowing how much yarn you have left?

The WPI/YPP correlation index (wraps per inch / yards per pound) is pretty accurate - accurate enough for scrap yarns.

Check the wpi and then weigh the left-over yarn. Let's say you have 2 ounces of 14 wpi yarn. 14 wpi yarn is about 1200-1800 yards per pound, so you have 150-225 yards yarn. Not enough for a pair of socks, but enough for main color of stranded socks.

Here's some helpful sites:
Knitfits: yarn size demystified
some tables about WPI, gauge, names and numbers
Floryknits' yarn comparison chart
names of different thickness of yarn in US, UK, NZ and Australia

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