Thursday, September 04, 2008

I should be cleaning now...

or finishing my projects. I'm not. I'm surfing and procrastinating and getting ideas.

Shalom cardigan (though it's more like a vest, I think)

I think it's Kaffe Fasset, Lucy Neatby and a couple from blogs... I think.

Then I saw some cute and funny hippo pillows and in the same book was some hens... so I got an idea of a henhouse for Easter breakfast - or brunch. With rooster as the teapot cozy, a couple of hens to keep the breakfast rolls and boiled eggs warm and some chicks for egg cozies. My sister would squeal :-D Frankly, I'd love these too...

You remember the Elvish Leaves dishcloth I knitted a couple of days ago? I found the Totally Autumn throw, and if you take two pattern repeats, you have yourself a dishcloth. Knit as long as you want and finish with garter stitches.

I like Due South, Paul Gross and Mounties too... and Dr.Who... I suppose I should make myself some dolls... but on the other hand... I don't play with dolls! These would be just in the corner collecting dust and moths and cause me anxiety, because I couldn't possibly give these babies to babies in need of toys... *sigh*

Edgar Allan Poe doll, bottle fisherman and tattooed doll. And I don't know who dunnit.

Today's patterns are from Inner Child :-) I LOVE her toys!
Crochet Today's free patterns - you might find something quick and easy there :-)
Lynn's Original Patterns - without pics - from 2005. I think she's into scrapbooking now...
Fable crafting
Cat toy fishes - perfect for little scraps of yarn
Crochet Style etc. - scroll down to free patterns

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