Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jewish coasters

This is what I have been doing... anything so that I don't need to actually DO something. Like the dishes. Or the socks. *sigh* Well well...
I was thinking of doing these coasters in crochet... afghan stitch, or colorwork. Would work beautifully in cross stitch too. But one could do them in any way one likes... like knitting color work or use them as base for an afghan - you know, crocheting each "square" in basic granny pattern in these colors (or others if one likes it better that way) and then adding a couple of rows in both ends to get the length/form.
You'll get the picture bigger when clicking on it, and it should be easy to follow the graph. I got the idea from a book, I think it's called "Jewish plastic canvas" or something like that. (I checked it - It's called "Jewish designs for plastic canvas 2") You'll see that the dove, dreidel and shalom hand are almost the same and the wine glass, chanukkiah and chaim heart are heavily influenced, but the pomegranate and tree of life are 100% my own design.


tamdoll said...

Very clever idea to do this, will you be making these?

Ketutar said...

I PLAN to make everything I have posted about in my blog... if it happens in reality... *sigh* Very unlikely. It's a large blog and I'm an incurable optimist... believe to be able to do anything and have time to do that too, and that will never happen. X-)