Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'd so much wanna be in a sock club...

But I can't afford it. :´(

So I think I have my own private sock club :-)

First there will be a very cute sock journal... When I was in the craft school, we had a work book where we wrote all the work hours, yarn/thread we used and all the necessary information... It was really fun to look at those work books later, I remembered everything I had made by the tiny bits of yarn and so... So a sock journal.
I wish I had put all the socks I have ever made into a sock journal... with pattern information, yarn (sample and label, WPI), needles, gauge and time it took to make them...
So - in my own one woman's sock club the first gift is a sock journal. :-)
(Kathryn Ivy's Knitting Journal - very pretty and free (printable)...)

I would like to have a pre-printed booklet, but as I don't have access to bookprinters and so, I have to use my own ability to bind books and create the pages myself and bind them into a booklet myself. Then I will decorate the covers :-)

And as I will be the designer too of this sock club, I think I'll have one page for inspiration and design ideas and so on... A little art journaling :-)


My first pattern will be Mercurial Colorbands by Cat Bordhi. I have never done that, so it will be a new technique for me. I am using some odd woolly kind of yarn I have found - no labels. It's weird pinkish reddish orangish color, quite strong, but my hubby thinks it's nice... He has some curious likings every now and then... and I'm going to knit the colorbands with black, white and bright red. These socks will be very interesting LOL

Then I'm going to add a handful of things in my sock club package... like singlepackaged chocolates and so...

Then I'd really need project bags... those see-through zippered bags big enough for the project and sturdy enough for needles... *sigh* I think I just have to sew them myself too.

Then, of course, everything needed for knitting the socks are included... needles (mine are Addis, my first pair :-) I hate how the brass stinks when the needles warm up... ;-))

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2paw said...

I laughed when I read this!! What a great idea!! Sock clubs are so expensive, especially to overseas people. Your private sock club will suit you just perfectly. Have a great time!!!