Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things happen...

fish bowl :-D
This one is rather big and thin... I was afraid it would melt lopsided in the kiln.

Here's the day's free patterns...

I have been collecting free on-line sock patterns on Wists

I was surfing - I found Strickm├╝hle 2. and Tostetoes... I think it's so inspiring to see others' productivity :-)

Moon and mermaid...

So what have I been doing? I fetched my ceramics from the school today. No more classes :-( Only two years. :-( I really love sculpting :-)

Little bear plaque and bigger wall plate with peacock theme

Then I was thinking about Knitwars... It is created to get us knitting. One of the creators has SSS - second sock syndrome - and she has it bad :-D Nevertheless, one of the things is that finishing an object gives you quite a lot of XPs (experience points)... but in my mind it isn't right. Now... I went to the KnitWarriors group to whine a little and in my mind I got a rather whiny response... and I have been murring about that today. The thing is that she didn't need to take it the way she did nor response the way she did, because
1) I was just expressing my opinion, I didn't expect anyone to do anything about it, because by reading the discussions in the group nothing is nor will be done about the people's opinions, suggestions etc.
2) It has been said rather clearly that how many XPs people take and of what is up to their own conscience - there are possibilities to take 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 times the XPs for each adventure already put in work in the Knitwars... so she could have reminded me of this, if she had the need to response...

Some lacy bookmarks - quickies to get XPs :-D

On the other hand - we all have bad days. Today was really bad for me.

This is what my horseshoe cardigan looks like right now

But on a positive note... Socktopus accepts Paypal... I almost cried a week ago because I couldn't find any information about that... but she does. :-) She has some amazing yarn... :-)

This is the first of my coven terra cotta

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