Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birds and cats

I have been thinking of free crochet... and last night I was laying in my bed and thought about a green dragon... and the idea grew and made me think of a green dragon on blue sky with clouds of unspun wool (or something similar) and different colors of blues and greens... very pretty.

I also though of a peacock or phoenix with crocheted flowers on tail...

Then I was thinking of Hello Kitty... I don't like the cat. But I like Chococat... and that's basically the same. So why not take all these thousands of hello-kitty-patterns and transfer them from white to black? ;-)

And then there's a wonderful Danish book called "Doll Family" by Ulla Dietl. It's from 60's and gives patterns to a family; mother, father, girl, boy and baby-girl, and their clothes from underwear to beach, autumn wear, winter wear and party clothes. I have had problems in doing them - you know, all this "but I don't play with dolls!" but also that they are... humans. If I made them with tails, muzzles and pointy ears - father ginger tabby, mother calico catta, and kittens accordinly, I'd think it was great fun :-D

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