Saturday, February 02, 2008

More knit colourwork patterns and poodles

Some flowers and surface patterns.
The one with crosses on checkerboard gives a lovely medieval French feeling, because the "crosses" will be French lilies :-)

In What Not To Crochet the subject was poodles... Now... poodles are a thing I have a sick fascination for, just like some people love clowns. I wouldn't mind having those 20-something poodles all in different colors.

So, here's a couple of poodle patterns for your enjoyment. You can also ignore them, if those what-not-to-crochet poodles creep you out :-)

Poodle slippers
Chart for a small, sitting poodle
Poodle shape for applique
Poodle skirt redwork pattern
Miniature felt poodle to sew
Soda pop poodle - PDF file
Lion Brand Crocheted Poodle Princess
(Here's a REALLY AMAZING pattern (PDF) to make a Pomeranian... WOW!)

Here's some other crochet patterns... Unfortunately this site doesn't exist anymore except in Internet Archive, but THANK GOD for Internet Archive!

I think I found a replacement for the letter owls... Lucinda Guy's Monsieur Cat
But they are knit, not sewn... *hmm* I'll think about something.

Typical Danish (and Norwegian) working sweaters were striped in either red or blue.
These two are childrens' sweaters.
Sometimes the stripes were patterned, sometimes simple.

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elfridabeetle said...

I like that striped sweater on top. I have a drawer full of striped jerseys. I can't get enough of them.