Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy weekend

I was visiting my lovely sisters this weekend, and finished the socks, finished a necklace I have been making for several months now. (I have been able to make it only when I visit my eldest sister, and those visits have been too few and far apart...) I have also been making a series of necklaces to my sisters - my youngest sister got the "seashore" necklace, my mid-sister got "colors of skies" - it's blue, purple and green flowing from one color to another - and now I made "heavens and leaves" to my eldest sister :-) It's turquoise and brown... sort of... I hope I can publish a picture of all of them :-)

This is my "fairyforest"

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Latharia said...

Oh, your fairy forest is delightful!!!! How elegant!