Saturday, February 16, 2008

One skein cat

by Katarina Gustafsson-Dock
For "Hemmets Journal" - a Swedish magazine

I apologize for the scrappy translation, but you'll get it :-)

Yarn: You’ll need about 50 g (about 2 ounces) yarn – any yarn will do. Effect yarns give a nice fuzzy kitty :-)
You can also use several different yarns and make a striped cat.

Needles: 3,5-4 – according to the yarn you use.

Gauge – not important.

Other: You’ll need filling material too. And you will need a needle to put the cat together.

Size – (smaller) bigger

Body: Cast on (20) 30 sts. Knit garterstitch (44) 66 rows and cast off.
Head. Cast on (10) 15 sts. Knit garterstitch (44) 66 rows and cast off.
Tail: Cast on (6) 9 sts. Knit garterstitch (36) 56 rows and cast off.

Sew the cat together:
Sew the corners of the body piece into feet. (See graph).
Fill the body with fill and close the tummy.
Fold the head and sew into a “bag”. Sew the upper corners into ears (see graph)
Embroider eyes and nose, cut some strings of white or grey yarn into whiskers and fasten very carefully.
Fill the head, sew around the neck and tighten.
Sew the head to the body.
Roll the tail, close and fasten to the body. (See graph)

See this "one piece bunny tutorial" too! :-)

P.S. Here's a photo tutorial on how to put the kitty together.


Jenny said...

This is so very cute!!! It will my next project. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Take care!

The Sporadic Packrat said...

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The Sporadic Packrat said...

Hi Ketutar,
I still haven't heard from you- do you not want your prize?

Ketutar said...

I responded already at Monday... and the mail hasn't come back - so perhaps it's in your spam folder?