Monday, February 11, 2008

origami peacock

How to fold an origami peacock?

here's a video - for an elongated piece of paper, like a bill
here's the diagram

A peacock from a square piece of paper
and a video on how it's done - unfortunately some of the folding is done outside the picture, but I'm sure you'll figure out how it's done with the diagram :-)

diagram for an origami peacock
You start with a single square of paper, fold two corners in the middle and off you go...
There's a little tricky part there... the instructions are "ii" :-D
You are to fold the "thin" triangle in two - it will become wings and feet. Just fold the triangle in two and keep the "neck piece" in 90 degrees angle to the mid-fold of the "tail piece" - that gives you the correct folds to the "breast" part of the peacock.
Practice with several pieces of white scrap paper before trying it out with the "real" paper.
Also, note in "fold the neck piece inward" - you are also to push the tail piece inwards. That will give your tail pretty spread and steadyness to legs.

Instructions to a rather advanced folding...

folding a peacock and a gliding peacock from the same book...

another peacock

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