Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some updates...

This is a necklace I made to a friend. And now I noticed I have put the lock "wrong way".. it should be on the right. Well... doesn't matter. I'm very proud of this, though it's not what I'd usually do. I'm not a big fan of "sequels" and on this there's
- silver bead - lapis lazul - silver bead
- little blue bead
- bigger blue bead - blue "cat's eye" bead or hematite star or silver dragonfly - bigger blue bead - little blue bead
It's very pretty... I think I make myself something similar, but with amber and turquoises... or red and turquoise... *hmm*

I managed to throw away a box full of fabric scraps and samples and stuff. You know the one cats had probably peed in and moths had feasted on.
I also gave all the mohair to... er... I don't know what's it's called, but they have a big yellow box where people can put their used clothes and such and they sell it to gather money to help people. I hope someone finds the yarn and gets it cheap and thinks they made the catch of the day :-) I hope I'd find out who bought it. :-)

Yeah... I regret, but I am also reliefed to get that burden off me. Now I have no excuses to not go and give myself new, fresh fabric bought specificly for the purpose, and I have no expectation on crafting something from material I dislike. :-)
(I saved two balls of white mohair... I'm going to crochet some fuzzy amigurumi of that :-) THAT I want to do ;-))

I am crocheting baskets for the Easter basket swap. (Yes, baskets... I'm just fixing some bad behavior from previous swaps...)
I'm having some troubles with the pattern, but nothing that tehcorcing and adjusting can't help :-) (Confirming my right to own the math badge ;-) :-D)

Tonight I'm going to choose one lucky winner to my give-away socks... :-)

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