Friday, February 15, 2008

Free easter patterns on-line


Let's start with baskets
Easter Basket
Easter Basket
Easter Basket Decoration
Easter Basket Fridgie
Holiday Basket
Shell Stitch Easter Basket
Small Baskets
Whimsical Bunny Container


I'm not much into easter egg covers... But others might be so here:

Granny's Garret - PDF files
Ancilla Easter Egg Cover
Filet in Blue Easter Egg Cover
Nuncia Easter Egg Cover
Marabu Easter Egg Cover

Easter Egg Covers
Art Deco Easter Eggs
Filet Cross Egg Cover
Victorian Easter Egg Ornament
Victorian Egg Covers
Egg Snuggie (could be used as a pattern for crocheted egg)
Egg Bunny Kids and their hats and trims

Easter Egg I
Easter Egg II
Easter Eggs III
Easter Eggs IV
Easter Egg V
Easter Egg VI
Easter Egg VII
Tapestry Crochet Easter Egg

Easter Egg Dressups (Egg cups - one plain, one "easterbasket" and one with bunny cozy.)
Easy Easter Crochet Egg Cozy
Bunny and Rooster vintage egg cozies (egg warmers)
Vintage chick egg cozies
Chicken over eggzy

Easter Egg Bookmark
Easter Egg Fridgie
Egg magnet
Easter Egg Potholder
Easter Egg Hot Pad
Egg Coaster
Easter Egg Coaster
Easter Egg Hotpad
Multi Coloured Easter Egg motif

Bunny Candy Pouch
Crocheted easter candy duck
jelly bean duck
Jelly Bean Bird (Turd Bird)

Chocolate Bunny
Vintage Stuffed Lamb
Little Bunny
Easter Bunny
Chenille Rabbit
Pocket Pet Bunny (works also as a bookmark)
Pocket Pet Duckling

Easter Bunny Fridgies - in worsted.
Gangly Easter Chick Fridgie
Mini Easter Bunny Fridgie
Bunny magnet
Photo frame bunny magnet

Filet Crochet Two Rabbits With Easter Egg
Filet Crochet chick
Filet Crochet bunny

Bunny plant poke
Easter bunny napkin ring
Bunny towel ring

Easter Egg Hairtie
Bunny ears hair decoration

Four bunnies granny square (or use just one bunny as a motif)

Chinese photo album
- a couple of patterns with what looks like Polish... but also a lot of charts. Egg covers, bunnies, chicks, baskets...
Crocheted easter hen with chicks and eggs - in Portuguese


Roll Brim One Egg Easter Basket
Knitted Easter Egg Basket

Easter Chicks

Chick egg cover
Easter Bunny Egg Cover
Easter Chicks egg covers
Judy's Cadbury Chick
Egg Cozy

Easter Basket Knitting Motif Chart
Easter Chick Knitting Chart
Easter Egg and Bunny Knitting Motif

Easter Egg Hat
Rabbit Hat for Easter

Aunt Maggie's Easter Ripple Afghan

Egg hotpad

Other stuff

I-cord bunny hotpad

Simple glued easter egg
Simple yarn-covered easter egg
Easter egg string art

Irene Duquette's lovely designs
Crochet Partners pattern library
Granny's Garret
The Crochet Shoppe
C&M Craft's Crochet Free Patterns - one more of these outdated link collections... But use Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find the dead links. I think there are good things.

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