Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's internet round

starts with Craftzine and the Matryoshka dolls

I don't think the pattern takes kindly to be enlarged that way... I don't think Happy Zombie's doll is comfy and huggable. But what do I know. I haven't hold her. My hubby got an IKEA polar bear to Yule present and IT IS huggable... I don't hug stuffed animals, but this polar bear... I noticed after a while that I had been sitting on the sofa just squeezing the bear for a long time. So perhaps Zombie's Matryoshka is just as huggable.

But Aimee Ray's felt nesting dolls are... WOW! I love the fact that she has made them really nesting... fitting into each other. Now... one could make a series of easter eggs nesting into each other and hide something in every layer.

Nevertheless, Zombie refers to Aimee Ray's "childhood heroes" embroidery series.
At Craftzine and at Crafster
I don't know who Bob Ross is and whether he was carrying a chipmunk in his pocket or not is of no interest to me. But I started thinking of MY childhood heroes... I don't think I had any... I loved Lasse Pöysti reading fairytales in a Finnish children's program. I loved watching Rolf Harris make art. I love watching ANYONE make art - especially origami was fascinating. Of course I loved Jacques Cousteau. :-)

I checked Youtube to see if there were any gems with Rolf Harris, and checked 'origami' as well, and found Eric Joisel. Amazing!

It would be nice to make embroidered heroes... I borrowed a book from my sister; Margaret Cusack's "Picture Your World in Appliqué". I'm really good with appliqué... but I don't quite know what to picture... It is interesting that I haven't even considered making my art in appliqué... *hmm*

What I am DOING is knitting things to Afghans.

P.S. I was blocked from "Go Make Something"... No explanations, no information, nothing... I got the message I was blocked when I tried to go there next time. A friend of mine has an account, and everything I ever posted is gone too... Now I'm sitting here and wondering why I'm Persona Non Grata... Have I offended Lisa somehow? Or what? Well... I suppose it's not a big loss. But it's very confusing.

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I AM VERY MARY said...

Oh, how I do love Aimee Ray! Do you have her book Doodle Stitching? It's a must have!