Thursday, February 28, 2008

Still sick...

I'm convinced we have mold in our house... I so wish we get an apartment on the North side of the town... Södertälje is a lovely place, but this house is horrible and it's too far away from my sisters.

Now, what has been happening?
Because I'm sick I haven't been doing much. Just preparing the easter baskets and knitting my hubby's woolly.
I haven't been out buying some new fabric for the pillows.
Tomorrow is the craft convention at Sollentuna, but I'm sick, so I don't think I'm going. Besides, I don't have much money and I'd like to be able to buy things there. We'll see...
Easter is coming and I'd love to make things for home, but... Uh. I'm feeling lazy and rather uninspired.
Except that I have been playing around at COLOURlovers... addictive place that one.

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