Monday, February 04, 2008


Well... at least I delegated the shelf job to my hubby and I fetched up the box of patchwork cotton... I suppose I should throw it away and value myself enough to give me NEW things, not some old second hand inherited things... something new I have chosen myself. And big pieces of cloth, not some tiny scraps I'd NEED to patch together to get a piece of fabric big enough to work with.

I haven't done anything "real" since last thing. I have been surfing... There's this Chinese (I think...) photo storage site called "photo 163" and some of the people have been scanning/photographing inspiring magazines, books and what not... There's craft books from Japan, Russia, Europe, USA and all over the world - some are old, some are new, and even though most of the pictures mean something only for the one who uploaded them, there's still A LOT of inspiration to be found there... You don't need to be able to read Chinese. (I can't - I don't even know if it IS Chinese... I just assume.) - but if you look, you'll see under the advertisement, a tiny picture and the person's screen name linked. You click that link, and you'll come to the person's collection of albums. There's some describing picture on the front of the albums (usually describing... sometimes what's in the album is not even close what's on top of it...:-D)

Under the person's name on this front page there's 6 links - one of them being "fans".
The first one is "photos" - it will take you to the first page of the album collection.
Second one is "friends" - if you click on it, you'll see this person's friends, and you'll get to their collections of photos.
Third is "favorites". People can make albums their favorites, and if they do, these albums show in their list of favorites, and if you find something interesting, click on it and off you go...
Fourth is "people" - it's the person's profile page.
Fifth is "FANS" - in European lettering - and is as it says, links to people who favor this person.
Sixth link is link to this person's blog. Written in Chinese, so it won't be much fun if you can't Chinese. (Or which ever language it is.)

This Cat Cat is a very good example to illuminate my point, because she has good (from my POV) albums and good favorites :-) Following these links will take a VERY LONG time and will give you a lot of ideas and more links to follow... I bet you'll be clicking and ooohing and aaaahing for several evenings, if you start... ;-)

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