Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why dishcloths?

Read this and you'll know...

Oshibori: We don't need no stinkin' washcloths!

Think what it would be like... on a hot summer day, you pick out the pretty soap box from your bag, take out the washcloth that is moist and cool after being in the freezer over-night... Think drying your neck with this... Mmmmm....
Or on a cold winter morning, you put the soap box with the washcloth in the micro for 10 seconds and have the warm box in your pocket to warm your cold fingers...

I really love wet wipes, and here's how you do it yourself and eco-friendly!

So here's some patterns (again...)
Knitting nonsense
Dishcloth Boutique
Knitting Pattern Central - Dishcloths
Crochet Pattern Central - Dishcloths


Laurie said...

Hello Ketutar! I hope you are feeling better.

I am a knitters who's made a lot of things to wear. I saw patterns for dishcloths and always thought "why?" Then a neighbor gave me two as a small gift at Christmas, and I am hooked on them. There is nothing nicer to clean with! The texture makes them perfect for scrubbing, and they feel good in one's hand. And take this from someone who hates to clean! I've started making my own to.

What yarn do you use? There is a brand here (USA) called Sugar and Cream, who produce small balls of varigated cotton yarn. They have a Latin style color way that I am crazy for. Did two last night! Unfortunately, this may result in more knitting and less cleaning :-)

I hope you are feeling better.

PS I saw the note about bullying - I was the target of it myself two jobs ago. Miserable stuff for a soul to endure. I am sorry that you have to go through it. It took me years to get over -- isn't that awful?

There are a lot of gorgeous knitting patterns on the internet by Finnish designers. I can't wait to get started on a shawl that I saw.

Take care,

Ketutar said...

Hi, Laurie! :-)

I'm getting there... but flu always hits hard. I have a slight asthma :-(

Yes, dishcloths are perfect for cleaning too LOL I love it that you can either use it as a big cloth or fold it into a "sponge" - and depending on the stitches used, you can get quite a rough surface to rub off the insistant spots too :-D

We don't get Sugar and Cream. I look at the huge cones with desire LOL I use any sport weight 100% cotton I can find. The color choice is very limited. I hope I'll find something in larger quantities and cheaper - and with more colors. :-)

I am very proud of Finnish designers :-) we aren't a big nation, but design is something we do well :-) Thank you :-)