Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm sick again. :-(

Flu with fever. Not funny. I hate breething burning air, but... *sigh* :`(

I have knit the slippers. Now I need to get them felted. It will wait for next wednesday when we'll have another laundry time. (We don't have a washing machine. We use the laundry rooms provided by the landlord. We may wash once a week. Felting these slippers is not going to be fun by hand. Besides, I can't do that with my exzema.)
I'm afraid the slippers are too big. I really, really, REALLY hope the yarn will felt well and the slippers will get right size and become sturdy. I want to put crewel embroidery on them and use them as my "flybaby shoes".

I have also read "The Phantom of Manhattan". Quick read. Otherwise I agree with most of the reviewers at
Now, tell me, why do people think they can write sequels to classics?
For example, Alexandra Ripley is probably a quite ok author, but... "I didn't like Scarlet's character in Margaret Mitchell's book, so I changed it." What? It is THAT Scarlett we all love to hate and hate to love but do it anyway. THAT IS SCARLETT! And what's with the changing the color of her hair? Gone With The Wind starts by describing Scarlett having BLACK hair and pea-green eyes. (Scarlett rules; 1 - "pretty is as pretty does"). In the sequel she's suddenly RED-haired. *sigh*
Why do people think their version is better than the original, when the original was what became a classic in the first place?
And why do I read the sequels though I know I will get disappointed?

Now I'm reading Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere". Much better :-)

I also FINALLY got my hands on "One Skein". I was rather disappointed... But it's a great book for beginners :-) And I liked the coiled mat. It's just that... the list of how much to knit and what color and that... I thought it was supposed to be up to one and each. It's like when people give piecing patterns for log cabin patchwork... Hello! You take long strips of fabric and start sewing them together, and if the strips are of different widths, that's only great. If you sew them not straight, great! That only gives more character to the quilt. Piecing? OMG!

I found the German mitten book much more inspiring and fund, but it is also a much more advanced. Unfortunately, I don't like mittens. (Eva Maria Leszner's "Colourknit mittens" - doesn't look like it's ever been translated to English. You don't know what you are missing...)

12 days of Christmas - I have to find out more. Looks interesting...
I think I want clothes hangers that look like twigs...
Easter peeps - a free pattern :-D
Very nice blog
Echo-weave... fascinating... I don't know anything about this technique... It seems like a cousin or another name to shadow weave (which I know nothing of either...), some sort of patterned twill... Hmm...

BTW, it's only six months (and a week) for the Summer Olympics... Even though a lot of people are taking a political decision and supporting all the people China is abusing and boycotting the Olympics, there are still enough people who are going to join the Knitting Olympics this year too. It can take quite a long time to design patterns and get the yarns and what not needed, so start thinking about that, if you plan to join the fun...

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