Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's our wedding anniversary today :-)

9 years... Feels like we only met last year... Still very much in love, still starry eyes and silly smile when I think of him...


I found an old, disgusting, stained and worn sacco sack - a sitting sack. It was ugly blue, but what made this a find was that the stuffing was intact and clean... :-) These tiny styrofoam pellets are quite useful as stuffing for a lot of stuff. :-)


I also found out that there's another monthly sock-a-long going on. Unfortunately I'm too late to join, but it's like the Norwegian Sokker 2008 - the patterns are free patterns on-line, so anyone can join the fun of knitting socks. One just misses the "member benefits"...
They have also a long link list of free patterns on-line... some in Swedish, but...
I found this there! "Knit yourself an aran afghan" monthly squares :-)

I also found this: Tsarina of Tsocks... Fantastic sock desings! LOL Very inspiring :-)

There's Sock Stash Elimination Campaign

Then there's 200L - 2klace - two thousand and lace at Ravelry and here's the blog entry about this at Ria Knits. Now I don't plan on knitting MAINLY lace, but sounds interesting.


Anway... I have socks to finish, so I can show them, so I go now. :-)

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