Sunday, February 03, 2008

Now I'm getting hary again...

Not "hairy", hary - cowhearted, craven, dastardly, timorous... Yes, I know, hary doesn't mean that. But in Finland people "hare" (yes, I know, in English the verb 'hare' doesn't mean that) when they don't dare do something.

(To those who don't know, 'hary' is a verb that means sort of the same as to abduct, kidnap, to violently remove someone from the place. It comes from 'harass'... interesting though, to think that harass and kidnap would have anything to do with each other... *hmm*
'to hare' means to run - to run like your life depends on it. And funnily enough it's not the hare that hares, it's the hunter that hare after the hare...)

Nevertheless, I'm going through my mother's stash somewhat reluctantly... because I still don't have a good place for them, and it feels kind of useless to clean them up before I can put them straight in the shelves.
I think I have to make me some kind of a shelving of corrugated fiberboard (cardboard), because that's right now the material we have... Cut it in long strips and then construct it as a net of x-shapes... Or perhaps I'm going to put my hubby on to it ;-)

I would also need to find my patchwork cotton box somewhere and I don't have the slightest idea of the condition of those. If I have very bad luck, the cats (who haven't existed for 3 years) have left me a stinking good-bye message in the box and I need to wash them (and we can wash only once a week and only 2-4 machines, so that will take time - if I don't wash the fabric by hand) or throw them, because you can't get the cat pee off them. Or they are stained beyond saving. Or the moths have found the box and have had a gourmet feast because of the eau de chat flavoring... Anyway, I don't want to find out any of that, because then I need to do even more before I can go on crafting, and have the box of fabric taking space in our already cluttered home, and.... yada yada yackity yack blah blah blah. Excuses...
I'm a master of procrastination ;-)
(No, it really isn't funny, but I have to joke about it, otherwise I'd cry.)

But before these two things are taken care of, I shouldn't go on doing anything. I could go on knitting my hubby's woolly and finishing the crocheted table cloth, but I need material for those project I don't have - and right now I can't afford buying more material... I have to wait almost another month.

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