Wednesday, May 17, 2006

About the color*iffic swap*o*rama...

I made a mistake... I was way too eager to make my package, so it was ready already a week ago... and that was way too early. As my swap pal hadn't even had time to tell what she likes and would want. So I chose wrong color... and the most irritating thing in that is that I chose the right color first, but changed my mind. That is really irritating. When ever do I learn to listen to my instincts, that are darn good?

Anyway, there's other faults in the package too... I added something that is very important to me, but she especially mentioned as something she doesn't want... and now I have to make up my mind, if I'll go by the feeling and leave that thing in the package, or if I rip the package open and take it out, maybe replace it with something else. I am thinking about BBC's Changing Rooms, where the designers always make something the room receivers have especially mentioned that they don't want, and they always love the rooms anyway... I think that there has only been a couple home owners who do NOT like what they got. So - do I trust my instincts now, and leave it, or do I try to minimize the damage and show that even though the color is wrong, I have at least read her wish list, and she is important to me?

Anyway, I was thinking of remaking the whole package, and sending this one as a fairy package to someone, but I simply don't have time or money to do that. And it feels awful. The package is not bad and I'm pretty sure that she doesn't MIND the color I have chosen, she would just PREFER another - still I'm sure that I'm a worthless piece of crap and she will be forever sad because I send her such a crappy package. :-( Not to mention that no-one else will ever want to swap with me, as I'm such an idiot :-(

Well... In a month I know if I'm a total a-----e or if my mistake wasn't really that bad. After all, I have learned a valuable lesson. All my other swap pals will get as custom made package as I possibly can achieve, and it will be collected and send on the last possible day ;-) (And I really don't know which is better LOL Get a not-so-perfect but ok package early, or a perfect package late...)

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