Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have been thinking about Project Spectrum and the May theme - Green. I have some green things I have made, as I like green, but to think about projects to be made... *hmm*

I was searching for inspiration from internet - with green - and found these butterflies. They are made of painted glass and very fine work, I love the green color on them - and they give me creeps... Especially the pearly body section and the antennas. Yikes!
I wonder why I'm so disgusted by insects... I know they are very fine animals with a very important purpose, and their diversity and capacity is amazing... and I just can't stand them! I start to wonder if I was eaten alive by insects in my previous life... but on the other hand - butterflies and beetles don't eat people alive. And I love the "dangerous" insects, like spiders, wasps, bees and ants... So it doesn't make any sense. I suppose phobias don't make any sense.
Anyway, those butterflies have an amazing color. I love it.

About the project. I have been planning something green for a longer time now. For a couple of years ago I got a birthday present in a very nice bag - with Findus the cat by Sven Nordqvist. It's a plastic bag, so it won't tolerate much use. Fortunately, about a month after that I saw how they had made shopping bags with pretty plastic bags, see-through durable plastic sheets and fabric, and decided to make my birthday bag into two shopping bags with Findus on one side and green-striped calico - Like Findus' pants - on the other side.
The thing is that I haven't found green-striped calico :-( Gudrun Sjöden had it for about a year before I got the bag, and I didn't know I was going to need it later, so I didn't buy it... I don't like applegreen either, so... I suppose I have to buy some green fabric and use ribbons of the other green to decorate it... Oh, so much trouble LOL

I also got another idea... I was looking at altered books, and found this site; Karen's Whimsy - and there was "18 wishes" and "Sea Dreams" - and I want to make an "altered" book to a friend of mine who loves mermaids... 18 mermaid wishes... She's not 18, I think she's almost 30, so it probably won't be 18 wishes, but less. Let's see how many pages I make :-) Three would be perfectly fine :-D
I don't want to alter a book. I'm going to bind it myself. After all, I know how to do it, and that way I get exactly the size and form I want. And I find the idea horrible to alter a book... books are sacred, holy and taboo. ;-)

I also found AntiCraft and "A Maiden's Glory" - a knitted wreath :-) Very pretty and quite appropriate for May theme :-D

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