Monday, May 15, 2006


Picture: Back to green things.

My secret pal said that the yarn I describe myself as sounds wonderful, and I tried to find the site where I got the inspiration... so I went through my booksmarks and favorites... and - of course - I haven't marked that site (either). :-(
It's a real pity, because it was someone's small company... she spins, dyes and beads the yarns herself, and it was the first time I have ever seen anyone beading yarns with all kinds of things.
I don't know how the yarn would be knitted, but I would so much have wanted to promote her business a bit :-(
She was someone's secret pal in the past, and gave the gift receiver a choice - any yarn from her store...
So - if anyone recognizes anything in this, or have suggestions of who it might be, I'd be happy to find out :-) Leave a comment ;-)

Anyway, I was reminded of why I had bookmarked the sites, and re-visited Marjutin neuleet - a Finnish-English blog. I loved the pitiful request of help from her overstressed credit card, and got inspired by her lace talk - and found Elann's free patterns. A couple of nice things there. I love knitted t-shirts :-) (Yes, there are some pretty awful things too, as You Knit What?! points out ;-))

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