Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm mad...

The image: Out in the wide world by John Bauer, a Swedish artist and fairytale illustrator

I just joined the monthly photo scavenger hunt :-D

Here's the list:
1. What’s for dinner?
2. A fortune cookie.
3. No more monkey business.
4. Gold
5. Are you going to wear that?
6. A scar.
7. Chocolate covered _____________.
8. Shallow.
9. Mob mentality.
10. A seashell necklace.
11. A construction toy that isn’t a lego.
12. A clock face.
13. Something from YOUR childhood.
14. A crossing guard.
15. A teacher.
16. Green glass.
17. Full Circle.
18. The world’s greatest invention.
19. It didn’t come with instructions.
20. Where do we go from here?

It's about as bad as Whiplash, but one has more time... or... eh... Whiplash is four themes for a month, this is 20... so...?

Some of these things are easy. Some are not.

World's greatest invention? The wheel? Running water and plumbing... or maybe electricity. I really appreciate electricity. Without electricity I wouldn't have all I have now, like computer and light during nights, so that I can use the computer, and put my husband to watch the television, so he doesn't bother me ;-) But how to take a photo of electricity? Lightning would be great, but there's no storms coming my way. Which is a great pity, because I love storms, thunder and lightnings...

"It didn't come with instructions"... hmm... I'm thinking of our dog, who's being hyper right now, as a friend of my husband is visiting us... but he did come with instructions LOL Husband on the other hand didn't... So maybe I'll just take a picture of him ;-)

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