Monday, May 29, 2006

June is blue...

So I was thinking of some Litha things - to me Midsummer is blue and yellow - and red and white - crisp, bright colors. Perhaps a little green too. Water and sky, beach and sunshine.

Another theme is Finland - Finland is going to have it's 89th birthday in December 6th, and it would be nice to have a blue-and-white theme party on that day. Of course, it's half a year in the future, but better start too early than too late. And perhaps one could use some blues and whites as a counterbalance to all Americana :-)

There's some really cool American patriotic sock patterns around the net.
These are not too cool, but not bad :-) I love the star buttons :-)

There's a couple of problems with this though... the Finnish flag may not be worn or used as anything else but a flag. So a lot of American patriotic projects cannot be "translated into Finnish".
The second problem is that in the Finnish flag there's a blue cross on white base. Stars and stripes are fun, look nice how ever you do them, but I'm not Christian and I don't want to have things decorated with blue crosses... except the Finnish flag, of course LOL But, hey, challenges make the things only more fun, don't they ;-)
The Finnish coat of arms is pretty nice too :-) There's a lot of things one can do with lions :-)


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Finland's 89th b-day??? When I was there the University of Helsinki was celebrating it's 300th anniversary so Finland must be much older than 89.

Ketutar said...

Finland hasn't been independent more than 89 years. We were first under Swedish occupation for about 700 years - and the University of Helsinki (or Turku, to be precise ;-) Yes, another confusing story LOL) was founded during the Swedish reign. After that we were under Russian rule for about 100 years until we gained independence 1917.