Friday, May 12, 2006

Now I have received all my swap partners...

and right now it feels a bit overwhelming... It might be because I just played a game of McDonalds, and it's very stressy and hair raising... I really don't want to chop down rainforest just to get more fields and pastures, I definately do not want to feed the cows with all kinds of crap, and torching the sick animals... It's a really good game though LOL If I had had any wishes to ever visit any fast food corporation's facilities to crab me a bite before, it's all gone now. :-D Really, who are we trying to kid here - all of them work the same way. McDonalds is just the largest and best known of them all.

Anyway, one of my swap pals lives in Portugal, and her package is ready, waiting to be posted. One lives in USA, and her package shall have one more item, and then it's ready to go. One lives in Australia, and one in UK, and I already have a pretty good idea of what to send :-) So, no reason to panic here :-) It's all going fine. It really is worth it to plan beforehand. But it's awful to wait to get a pal assigned... I'm sure I joined a couple more swaps just because I couldn't wait any longer - and one really cannot start collecting things before one knows more of the secret pal. It can get totally wrong otherwise. Some things I have already got, but I don't know if they are sendable to these particular swap pals :-)

I really love this thing! It's like Christmas all over! I love presents and gifts, and I suppose that's why I love Yule and birthdays best of all the feasts :-D One can buy presents to people! (I have been getting presents to my husband while I was collecting things for my secret pals :-D)

BTW, I won at the Whiplash *blush* I'm really happy and dancing around :-) Thank you for liking what I do!

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ambermoggie said...

love the blogs, especially the goddess food:) you sound like someone after my own heart. If ever you want to visit UK pagan sites email me we love touring around especially Glastonbury
bright blessings
amber in england