Sunday, May 28, 2006


The pincushion challenge is about to end for May - it's 28th of May, three days left :-)
I have a lot of ideas, but no money :-(

I was thinking of making a lot of pumpkins of different sizes... I was thinking of knitting the stem, as pumpkin stem looks a bit like... er... what ever it's called LOL And then make the curly things by crocheting. Really cute :-) A lot of different orange shades and materials... Pretty. And great for Halloween ;-)

Then I was thinking of lime slices and orange slices. I like the shape and colors of a citrus slice - the bright lime, orange or yellow with white membranes and seeds... very pretty.
And it would have been fun to try to felt a citrus fruit... have some white wool membranes and fill the spaces with color, add tiny felt balls as seeds, cover it all with first white wool and then colored wool, and felt it, and then cut it in halfs and see what one gets. Really interesting. I don't even know where I can get felting wool :-(

Then I got the idea of a grape cluster. Felting a lot of oval balls, threading a brown thread through them and twine the threads together into a cluster. And then make a leaf as a needle book, for sewing needles and such. And crocheting the curly things, those can be used to storage scissors and such. The leaf could also be a pouch.

But - I don't know where to get materials, I don't have much money right now and I'm sick :-( Right now life stinks :-D

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