Monday, May 22, 2006

Whiplash entry, last week :-)

The theme was color, and I wasn't at home this weekend. But I made something this weekend, and as I used colors, then it doubles as whiplash entry :-)

I made this necklace to my sister, who's Cancer - there's a small cancer charm in the chains - and the idea is to look like sand and water. It's freely after a necklace I saw in a book, the original is much bigger and very nice. I think it's an entry for a large competition or a fair or something.
I also made two pairs of earrings to my sister, one pair white-sandy colors and one pair blue, so that she can use them according to her mood and clothes. I tried making blue-and-white pair, but it didn't look nice. (Now she can also wear one blue earring and one white when she wants to mark her nationality LOL - like now, when Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest! YAY!!! LOL)

I think it's interesting how the colors work together - the classy cream and beige and the peaceful and joyous blues and turquoises. I also like very much the sea-find feeling in the piece. I have used everything that is of right color, there's real pearls and fake pearls, mother-of-pearl, seed beads, glass beads, plastic beads and sea stars, pieces of turquoise and aquamarine, colored stone, crystals and quartz, bone and everything I could find. Here's a detail of the necklace.

And here's the two pairs of earrings in close-up.


elisabeth augusta said...

Smykkene er nydelige. Og, ja, du har rett, det var et morsomt sammentreff at vi hadde strand som utgangspunkt begge to.

creative kismet said...

grogeous combination of colors! Very summery! I love the little crab detail- perfect!

Holly said...

Ket, your work is amazing... It's really beautiful! *hug*

Gill said...
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