Monday, May 29, 2006

Next sport challenge

With more than two years to next Olympics, the sporting knitters can be happy about the Soccer World Championships (In two weeks!). And, of course, there's a couple of challenges announced already.
Yarnmonkey has a Knitting World Cup
and here's a Swedish version of the same, Fotbollsstickning. A lot more relaxed :-)

I am not the least interested in soccer. Olympics is one thing, but soccer... nah. Perhaps because Finland is not playing... Nah, I am just not interested.

One thing I could think of knitting is a supporter scarf... Whether it is for Gryffindor or your country, it's always an appreciated thing. I know my Danish husband would love a scarf in red and white :-)

(The happy lady with her 450 feet long supporter scarf is Christina Brockway, passionate supporter of Liverpool and a passionate knitter. Inspirational? Or perhaps a warning example LOL)

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