Friday, May 26, 2006

What to do with a find?

The image: Craft Alliance's 2003 spring bash ad. Very nice, I think. And... green >:-)

I found half a kilo of pink wool cheap at e-bay. I think I paid 13 dollars for it, 6 for the yarn and 7 for postage. It's lovely bright pink, but a bit thick... I knew it would be, but I have been thinking what I could make of it. It's a bit too thick to be made a cardigan of, I don't think 1/2 kilos are enough... and I am not so fond of getting so thick a cardigan either... then I have been thinking of clapotis scarf and hat, or gloves, or maybe a felted bag...

Today I was looking through Whipup once again, and the oh so inspirational tutorials, and someone was speaking about her fascination about shibori felting...
I think I'm going to make a felted vest... and maybe a bag, if there's enough left. It would be interesting to try to make shibori flowers on the back maybe... or on the chest... though my chest is so wide it doesn't need any more attention :-D Or maybe I'll just make a pouch or something of what is left, if any... I love pouches and pockets :-D

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