Friday, May 05, 2006

Knitters tea swap

I received the information about my secret pal yesterday, and I totally forgot that someone else received MY information! I think I better give that someone anonymous possibility to read my blog and perhaps leave a message :-)

I'm very excited about this, and I'm really happy of that my pal "like all the teas and all the colors" - but leaves enough information about herself and her likings in her blog that I know that there are things she likes best :-) I have already decided what kind of tea to send and what kind of yarn, and now, after reading her blog, I know also what color yarn to send :-) And it's so much fun!

So, you, anonymous friend, in the column right is "my other blogs" - I strongly recommend that you go and read those too. As there's a lot of information to get about me. Anyway, I'm happy about anything you send me. Even if it's applegreen acrylic and Earl Grey LOL Or the cheapest label of black tea you know (because you like it best) and10 ounces of stash ends... that would actually be a good package :-D The moths have eaten all my stash, and I am starting to collect one now, and so far I have a little white and pink sport-weight wool and a cone of red lace-weight wool - and that's it... and there's so many projects with stash ends, so many techniques to train in, so many swatches to make...


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