Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hello again :-)

I'm having a bad day. Horrible anxiety. My home is a mess, my obesity is killing me, the dog behaves badly, I'm home every day and still can't manage my life or achieve anything. Also, I'm going to have a 40th birthday party and I'm not a party girl. (I don't mind one bit being 40. I find the idea of being the center of a social gathering discomforting.)
Other than that, I'm fine :-D

Craftzine gave a recipe of vanilla syrup. I love vanilla. I really don't think food has much to do with crafting, perhaps decorating cakes, but making vanilla syrup... Nah.
It's good though. Here's a recipe of vanilla extract. And here. And here. :-) It really is worth it, so get some pods and start infusing :-D

Here's today's crochet project; Clapochet. Most everyone has already knitted the Clapotis, now it's time to crochet the darned thing :-D (Well... it might be a nice thing, if one used scarfs. I don't. It's pretty though ;-)) (Look at CrochetKitten's other free patterns as well)

Crochet Me is a nice ezine.

Make woven button coasters. Or table mats, runners, pillows, bags or what ever your patience allows. (An inchie, perhaps :-D)

Water bottle holder/cozy/cover - crochet some straps, so you can carry the bottle easier. It keeps the condensation off your hands, stops the bottle from slipping and covers every ugly logo there might be on the bottle :-D

I am not making wrist warmers, I'm making myself a hat and mittens, for dog walking. I started yesterday and used a blue-green-red yarn together with the red-burgundy wool I made my Central Park Hoodie of, but I ripped it all up, because the blue-green-red made the yarn look more purplish burgundy than I like. I replaced it with red-yellow-bluishblack yarn and now it looks more me. Too dark still, but much better. Besides, I'm just going to walk the dog, who cares how my hat and mittens dress me? It will be better than the apple green Clapotis hat, anyway :-D
Oh, and I crocheted myself a fish bag. It was surprisingly boring to crochet the hat. It looks very nice, but it's boring. (Erbarmeligt, would a Swede say... Deplorable.)

No pictures. Sorry. I'll be better :-D

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Debra said...

Stop beating yourself up dear. Just enjoy life and do your best! Besides I have sent out your "prize" from OWOH "Un-Winner"!! Ha. Now you have that to look forward to.