Thursday, March 12, 2009

I hate inventing names to blog entries

Some promised photos:

Crocheted socks - own pattern

Knitted modular socks

Spider scarf... I think I need to do the "right thing" and rip this.

Silk scarf for my sister
Fish bag - blind for the time being

Russian crochet shawl - looks like feathers. Love it :-)

Drops' heart bag - needs the lining and a zipper

Dragon filet - this one will be BIG.

Bookmarks - one of the 101 things is to read more, read classics, read Nobel authors, read the books I've always wanted to read, etc. and that means I'm reading several at the same time. When one gets too boring, I switch to a more interesting - so there's a need for bookmarks :-)

Hubby's scarf/shawl. Black alpaca, needs more yarn...

The new Knitty has been published. Some interesting patterns there.
I like Decimal, Aeolian shawl, Reverie beret (would work with Clapotis), Shipwreck shawl and Steggie.

Today's crochet pattern is Crochet Kitten's Charmed wristwarmers.

Craftbits' newsletter tries to be funny:
"...a very comical sounding Book Thong.
I never even knew books had butts.
Spines? Yes. Butts? No!"

Thong has nothing to do with butts.
Thong is a narrow strip of material, a lash, a string.
(Yes, a string - like the string in G string...)
But, sure, show the world how it's deteriorating...
people don't know any other definition of the word "thong" but the thongy underpants, people don't read books, people... *sigh*

But, it's the crochet month, so here's a couple of crocheted book thongs
Pretty one with beads from Crochet Me
owl and owlet book thong
And here's a long list of crocheted bookmarks - if you want to follow my example and start reading books - a lot of books, all at the same time :-D
(Not recommended...)


Clevelandgirlie said...

What a wonderfull collection of knitting you are doing. So beautiful, delicate, colorful - your talent is fantastic. I am trying to teach myself to knit.

Ketutar said...

Thank you :-)
I don't know if I'd learn to knit on myself... I'm lucky to have had that taught to me :-)